Meet the Staff at Mount Snow!

Mark: GM

Favorite Activity: Going to Football games

Favorite Foods: Oysters

Favorite Band/Song: Frank Sinatra/ Summerwind

Vehicle of Choice: Harley Davidson 

Random Fact: I'm a Parrothead!!

Matt: Guide

Favorite Activity: Boating

Favorite Foods: Lobster & Pizza

Favorite Band/Song: Red Hot Chili Peppers

Vehicle of Choice: Ford Raptor 

Random Fact: I grew up on Block Island, RI

Gina: Reservation Specialist 

Favorite Activity: Vacation

Favorite Foods: Anything Italian, with a bottle of Red!

Favorite Band/Song: Bruce Springsteen - I'm a Jersey Girl

Vehicle of Choice: Jeep or Harley 

Random Fact: I was a Black Jack dealer in Atlantic City for 5 years

Lars: Guide

Favorite Activity: Watching Beaver videos

Favorite Foods: Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza

Favorite Band/Song: Post Malone

Vehicle of Choice: Jeep Wrangler of course! 

Random Fact: I enjoy looking at Maps

Shawn: Guide

Favorite Activity: Snowboarding

Favorite Foods: Tacos

Favorite Band/Song: Billy Joel, Only the Good Die Young

Vehicle of Choice: GMC Sierra 

Random Fact: Unicorns are not real (Editors Note: Debatable)

Geoff: Guide

Favorite Activity: Being on the Lake in the summer, and shooting guns

Favorite Foods: A perfectly cooked steak

Favorite Band/Song: Molly Hatchet, Flirtin' with Disaster 

Vehicle of Choice: Toyota Tundra TRD Pro 

Random Fact: Mascot Griffin, is my pup

JKnox: Guide

Favorite Activity: Downhill Mountain Biking in Vermont

Favorite Foods: NY Pizza

Favorite Band/Song: AC/DC, Thunderstruck

Vehicle of Choice: Subaru WRX

Random Fact: I have a Titanium Clavicle 


Jeff: Guide

Favorite Activity: Destroying powder either on skis or a sled

Favorite Foods: Bacon wrapped scallops with thyme & pepper

Favorite Band/Song: Led Zeppelin, Immigrant Song

Vehicle of Choice: On the water a Yamaha just won't die; on the snow a Polaris will always start; on the road Mopar will go far

Random Fact: I can not whistle


Alyssa: Guide

Favorite Activity: Snowsports with pals!

Favorite Foods: Stuffed artichokes/seafood

Favorite Band/Song: Tash Sultana/A Day to Remember

Vehicle of Choice: Anything fast (my Subie Eileen)

Random Fact: I stab people with permanent art (I can't whistle either)


Nate: Guide

Favorite Activity: Snowmobiling

Favorite Foods: Sushi/Shepherds Pie

Favorite Band/Song: Sturgill Simpson/Turtles All The Way Down

Vehicle of Choice: 6.7L Dodge Cummins 2500

Random Fact: I'm a certified EMT

Griffin: Mascot

Favorite Activity: Playing catch & swimming

Favorite Foods: Anything

Favorite Band/Song: Iron Maiden

Vehicle of Choice: Motorcycle with a side car 

Random Fact: I learned to roll over at 6 months old!

 Mount Snow stormy.png

Stormy: Mascot

Favorite Activity: Swimming

Favorite Foods: Steak Bones

Favorite Band/Song: Sammy Hager/ I can't drive SS

Vehicle of Choice: Daddy's Escalade  

Random Fact: She plays by herself, by tossing her own toys, then fetches them!